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Note: development of this project has been stopped. Contact me if you wish to take over this project.


Memory Supervision System is a tool for detecting dynamic memory allocation bugs and gathering memory usage information in C and C++ programs. It is written in standard C and C++ so it is portable across different platforms/compilers - it works with various versions of GCC from to 3.0.3, Borland C++ 5.02, and porting it to other compilers shouldn't be too hard. MSS helps to detect following types of bugs:

  • Memory leaks
  • Use of uninitialized memory
  • Out of range memory accesses
  • Bogus or repeated deallocations
  • Unsuccessful allocations
  • "Wild" or corrupted pointers

MSS is able to log following information:

  • Total allocated memory
  • Maximum allocated memory since program start
  • Number of specific allocation/deallocation functions successfully called
  • Number of blocks allocated
  • List of blocks allocated, including the module, function and line numberwhere the allocation took place.

Also it is possible to stress-test applications by simulating low memory condition (making certain percentage of memory allocations fail).

MSS was originaly developed by Peter Palotas and Juan Jesus Alcolea Picazo. Current maintainer and web site author is Laurynas Biveinis.